Now running for its third year, the Tech Cities Job Watch report provides employers with a barometer of the changing workforce dynamics within the technology sector.

It also puts a spotlight on the emerging opportunities and challenges businesses face in 10 UK Cities that have or are rapidly developing reputations as technology cluster hubs - London, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle upon Tyne.

The report focuses on five key disciplines: Big Data, Cloud, IT Security, Mobile and Web Development, with each quarter focusing on a specific theme. This quarter we’re taking a closer look at Cloud and how the growth of the Internet of Things, Big Data, machine learning and Mobile have led many organisations to invest in their Cloud infrastructure, and more so, how demand and IT salaries for Cloud skills have shifted over the years.

Highlights for the Q2 2017 report reveal that:
  • Demand for Cloud skills soared by 97.7% but salaries have stagnated since Q2 2016
  • Salaries for permanent Cloud professionals increased by just 2.71% (YoY) from £57,331 to £58,885, while contractor day rates remained at £482 for the same period
  • Cloud skills have transitioned from being one of the hottest tech trends to being an integral part of the day-to-day operations, with businesses seeking fewer niche tech talent.
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