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Tech Cities Job Watch Q2 2018
Posted on: 22/08/18
Demand for Cloud talent is soaring, as employers recognise that they need to recruit specialists...

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IR35 and the private sector
Posted on: 04/06/18
On the 18th of May 2018, the Government published the latest consultation attempting to curb IR35...

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Tech Cities Job Watch Q1 2018
Posted on: 08/05/18
As technology continues to significantly impact all aspects of business, companies in cities across...

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Removing the barriers to alternative talent pools
Posted on: 04/05/18
With the IT skills gap continuing to grow, unemployment remaining at the lowest levels seen since...

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Finding IT talent with the right skills mix for the digital age
Posted on: 05/04/18
Traditionally, IT departments have been seen as a support service. Their role involved helping businesses...

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Key priorities for businesses tackling digital transformation in 2018
Posted on: 01/03/18
Britain is currently facing a chronic tech skills deficit. With technologies such as the Internet of Things...

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Tech Cities Job Watch Q4 2017
Posted on: 31/01/18
The Tech Cities Job Watch report is a quarterly tracker of hiring demand and salary trends in the technology...

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Employment law updates: a brief review of the key 2017 legal changes affecting you
Posted on: 30/01/18
With 2018 dubbed 'the year of regulation', there are a number of upcoming changes that will affect organisations and...

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Amazon Web Services' re:Start programme addresses demand to train
Posted on: 18/10/17
In view of the way technology is revolutionising the way we live and work, the need for employers to provide...

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Is this the beginning of the end for Cloud Computing?
Posted on: 25/08/17
Cloud Computing has significantly increased its popularity over the last 5 to 10 years. However the market...

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The Evolution of Cloud Skills
Posted on: 16/08/17
How many times have you used your phone to check your emails this week? Have you backed up an important...

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Tech Cities Job Watch Q2 2017
Posted on: 04/08/17
As technology has evolved and continues to significantly impact all aspects of business, companies vie for top...

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